Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Reading Multiple Books at Once

  I have always been a person who likes to read one book at a time. I like to fully immerse myself in the story and for me it works best if I do that by reading one book at a time.

  In college professors and lecturers have little sympathy for my whims like this. They don't much care for my satisfaction in reading a good book fully. They just want the book read before class. Which I understand. But I don't like it.

  This weekend, in order to meet deadlines, I will be reading two books at once. While this would not even be an issue for many other readers I find myself very stressed about it.

  I will be reading Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey both by Jane Austen. Both I am looking forward to but I am worried that the stories will both begin to merge in my mind because I can't do what I normally do and read them separately.

  Why is this a stressful thing?
  Does anyone else have weird reading habits like this?
Please let me know if you do and we can despair over our weird habits together.

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