Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Emma by Jane Austen

Book Review
  Emma was a wonderful book to read. This was a book that I had to read for class and I am so glad that I did.
  Emma Woodhouse is the beautiful, talented, well-thought-of, well-off daughter of the reclusive Mr. Woodhouse. She has a love of matchmaking and her previous successes mean that she has excellent confidence of her taste and choices. Perhaps a little too much confidence.
  She becomes acquainted with Harriet Smith, a local orphan, who admires her and follows her guidance almost without question. Emma befriends Harriet also turning her into a kind of side project to teach her and guide her to better herself.
  Harriet takes Emma's word as gospel and follows her advice to the letter regardless of Emma's recent string of bad advice. Things become interesting as Emma attempts to find a love for Harriet when Emma's matchmaking becomes infinitely more complicated.
  I loved to watch how Emma worked. She has such confidence in herself and in her choices that it is annoying but also highly entertaining. Harriet is the opposite. She is so easily swayed out of her choices and so easily guided you almost wonder if she has a personality at all.
  The situations that Emma finds herself in is amusing and entertaining. I loved how things worked out and how the novel concluded both plot-wise and in character development.
  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am excited to read more of Jane Austen's work for class.

4.5 Stars

Busy Book Bee

Reading is time consuming.
Reading is one of those things that you really need to sit down and dedicate time to it if you need to get a book done within a certain time frame.
I have discovered this more as I have started college.
I used to pick up a book for college and read it like I would any book. I would pick it up after my other assignments had been done. I would pick it up when I had a few minutes to spare. But this year the unthinkable has happened.
I officially have too much reading to do.
Because of a mix up with my school schedule at the beginning of the year it means that this semester I will be doing 8 classes instead of 6. Next semester I'll only have to do 4 instead of 6.
I am currently overwhelmed at the amount of work 8 classes takes.
4 of those classes are English classes and each of them entail (at least) one book a week. EACH.
While I am a fast reader and I love it, not even I can reasonably read 4 books a week on top of 4 other classes.
For the next few weeks I'll be reading, college-ing and repeating.
At least it will boost my Goodreads numbers.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Earth Flight by Janet Edwards Book Review

  This is the final book in the Earth Girl trilogy. One of the many things that I like about this trilogy is how much I consistently like the books. They were all equally good. There was no Second-Book Syndrome in this trilogy. 
  I can't go into too much detail without spoiling the other books so forgive me if this is brief. 
  The plot of this book, like the others in the series, begins slowly. It takes time for it to build up it's pace. This works in its favour because this is a trilogy that I like to spend some time on. 
  The characters remain as likeable as in the first books. There is some character development, in the case of Jarra (it was needed). Fian, in this book, becomes my favourite character, wait until the end... you'll love him too. 
  I loved the resolution of the story. It wasn't five people pretending to be an army changing the world. It was on a smaller scale making realistic changes. 

4.5  STARS

This trilogy deserves so much more attention than it has been getting. If you are in anyway interested in science-fiction futuristic then I would definitely recommend it. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

Book Review

  I thought that as the movie was now out in cinemas in Ireland I had better get on with reading this so as I could go and see it.
  In this book Greg is an average high school guy. He tries not to associate himself with any particular clique so as he can get through his high school life without any drama. So far his plan to remain on good terms with everyone but friends with no one has worked for him. 
  This changes when a girl that he knew when he was younger, Rachel, is diagnosed with Leukaemia. Greg's mother insists that he go and befriend her. And so, much to his regret, Greg starts to become friends with Rachel. 
  I'm going to be very honest. I was a little underwhelmed by this book. I had a few issues with it. First though I will tell you the things that I did enjoy. 

  I loved how quick a read it was. It was such a relief to read it between my college books. 
  I also, occasionally, enjoyed the humour. I enjoyed Greg and Rachel's relationship and the laughter that was there. 
  I liked how much Greg wanted to make Rachel happy whatever his reasons.

  Unfortunately, for me, the humour also sometimes felt very childish. A lot of the jokes were dragged out so as what was funny in the beginning was no longer funny by the time that the joke ended. 
  I thought the excessive swearing made Greg and Earl seem much younger than they were. 
  I also was disappointed by the ending. I won't go into spoilers here but I thought that the main issue would have been dealt with in more detail. I think it was glossed over a little. 

  This was, none the less, an enjoyable book. A book that is dealing with a lot of heavy issues while still keeping the humour light, mostly. 
  Overall I gave this book 
Three Stars.