Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Earth Star by Janet Edwards


  This is the second book in the Earth Girl trilogy. It again follows Jarra and her story. 
  I loved to see these characters again. I feel like in real life they would be annoying, but to read they are interesting and fun to read from. I liked that in this book when Jarra starts to become important it isn't like many Y.A. books when the protagonist is suddenly the most important person in the world for no reason. Jarra is important but it makes sense as to why she would be, there are reasons given and the reasons make sense. 
  The dialogue in this book could be slightly irritating at times. The people of the time that this novel is set have their own slang and it could be annoying. 
  This book focuses a lot on strategy for an event in the book. However, this big event doesn't occur in this book. It finishes right as things are getting good. I want the next book now please! 

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