Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Regret is the monster
Who lives under the bed
And dances and dances 
Around in my head

Doubt is the monster
Who lives on the stair
Uphill or down
It's always there

Boredom is the monster
Who lives in the sky
Floating and floating
Content just to lie

Gluttony is the monster
Who steals and takes
Pushing back into 
Old mistakes

Caution is the monster 
Who lives on the street
Poisoning all of the 
Strangers you meet

Envy is the monster
Who tears others down
Trades in a smile
And gives back a frown

Fear is the monster
Behind all doors
That keeps them closed shut
Forever more

Anger is the monster 
Who pushes away
Myself at night 
And others at day

-Emma Fagan

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