Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Year Goals Update!

I thought that I would give a quick update on how my bookish goals for the year are going. This year is nearly at the halfway point and so I thought seen as I won't be able to write here for the next two weeks (I will be in Florida YAY!) I would let you know how that was going. To keep you in the know as it were.

Goal: To read 100 books

I am currently on my 47th book, which is nearly at the halfway point, as it is almost at the halfway point in the year (but not quite) I think that I am just on schedule! Success!

Goal: To finish 15 series this year

In making this goal I didn't mention whether or not I had to have started the series this year. I decided that that wouldn't matter as it would be a series from my TBR completed either way. So far this year I have completed 10 series and I am almost finished another one! Success!

Goal: To start a new drawing/story type blog:

Ummm... yeah, what happened to that idea, Emma? College was a lot crazier than I had expected and I didn't have the amount of time that I was hoping for and so that idea kind of went out the window. I haven't given up on it. It has simply been postponed.

There you have a quick little update on how I'm doing reading-wize this year. I will see you in two weeks!!

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