Thursday, 21 May 2015


  My apologies for not posting yesterday. I wish that I had a solid reason for not posting but to be honest I forgot! My days are now free of college for the summer and so my days have become a little mixed together.

  I thought today that I would tell you about more of the readathons I will be participating in during my summer holidays.

  Currently happening is #RYBSAT (Read Your Book Shelf AThon) round five. This readathon was created by Miranda from Bookss101. In this readathon you pick a point on your bookshelves and just read continuously from there and see how far you can get in a week.This will continue until Monday.

  I will also be participating in the Summer Biannual Bibliothon 21st-27th of June. This readathon has video challenges and reading challenges. It was created this year in January and this is the second time that it will be held. It is my first time participating! So I am very excited about this.

  I am not sure if the Booktube-athon will be taking place this year but if it is I will most definitely be participating in that because I did it last year and had a fantastic time doing it! This readathon also has video and reading challenges.

  Lastly in August there is the Bout of Books 14.0 readathon from the 17th-23rd. I have participated in Bout of Books three times now and have absolutely loved it. It is a fairly relaxed readathon and you can set your own goals. Really the aim is to read more than you usually would. I have never really competed in the competitions that they hold on a daily basis during the readathons but for this one I plan to!

  So there you have all the readathons that I currently intend on participating in. Though if I hear of any more I will definitely consider doing them!

  Also I have plans for creating my own readathon in the Summer at some point! Keep your eyes and ears tuned for that because I am excited for it though now solid plans have been made yet!

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