Monday, 6 April 2015

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

   I think this is a difficult book to describe. It has left me with a range of emotions. I am a little reminiscent, a little hopeful and a lot heartbroken. I think the most significant thing that I took from this was that we don't really see people until we hear them.
  Janie is the protagonist. The book starts when she is sixteen years old and living with her grandmother. Her grandmother means well and wants to marry Janie off to a man who she doesn't love but is relatively successful. It doesn't begin well and it doesn't get much better.
  I really admire Janie and her courage that she has. She is one of those characters that has the strength to really do what she has to.
  This book was a little difficult to fully connect with at the beginning because of the accents that were written phonetically. It was understandable but required a bit of effort. I suppose that's symbolic.
  I won't tell you what happens in the ending but it is probably the part that really made me feel the most. What did I feel? I'm not sure, but there was definitely something being plucked at in my chest.

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