Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey

  I will warn you right now that if you do not like gore you will not like this book. There are blood and guts and queasy making moments galore! However if you like adventure and excitement and scares of the Jurassic Park variety then you will probably love it. 
  This book is set in the eighteen hundreds and it follows young Will Henry who is twelve at the time that this story takes place. Will Henry is the apprentice to Dr. Warthrop who is a monstrumologist- that being someone who studies monsters. 
  Monsters in this world are real and they are a real threat and danger. The story really begins with the arrival of a mysterious stranger with a morbid parcel in the middle of the night. This is the beginning of what will be a unraveling of what Dr Warthrop has thought possible and an adventure that is both bloody and thrilling. 
  I loved the characters in this story. The eccentric Dr Warthrop and his complete dedication to his cause was so interesting to see. Will Henry was an excellent view point to see from as he manages to constantly be in the thick of what ever disaster is happening. There are many characters that come to light in the story that are equally unconventional- it is fascinating! 
  The plot was fast paced and there were rarely times when there wasn't something to attract your attention and keep you gripped and turning those pages. 
  The actual encounters with the monsters were scary in a Jurassic Park kind of way- kept you on the edge of your seat with an excited terrified humour. 
  I am excited to get into the rest of the series and see what other monsters haunt this world. This is an adventure you will be glad that you took. 

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