Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Shadow of the Wolf by Tim Hall

  Shadow of the Wolf is a dark retelling of Robin Hood. This story completely remakes the legendary anti-hero. While this is a fantasy book the fantasy elements were fairly scarce. The plot doesn't overly focus on the fantasy side to this tale.
  I'm not sure what I was expecting from this book. It was definitely different to whatever it was that I was expecting.
  I suppose I'll start with the start. This book begins when an eight year old Robin is left in the Winterwood by his father. He returns to his home to find that his family are no longer there and he must fend for himself in the area that he used to know as home. It is in the forest near his old homestead that he meets Marian by chance. The plot gets much darker as the two protagonists age. While this is a slow paced book at the beginning it still keeps you entirely engaged throughout.
  I loved Marian as a character. She was much more full of spunk than the fox in the Disney. I thought that she was excellently suited to the role that she held up in the novel.
  I really loved the way that she and Robin worked together. I loved that they had an understanding that was more than just a romantic relationship but was also a strong friendship. I think that was very important for the characters that they were.
  The writing style in this book was not my favourite. There were some points where I was confused as to what actually was happening. I know that these will be explained in later books but I felt that I was very separate from this world because I couldn't fully understand it.
  I didn't know before I picked this book up that it was the start of a new series. This was something that frustrated me as I had thought it was a standalone, though that was a fault on my part for not researching it fully. I thought that the story of this instalment wrapped up well, not too much of a cliffhanger. I was satisfied with the ending.
  There were a few gruesome parts. I am just warning you. Don't eat a sandwich or something when your reading it.
  The fantastical elements to this book were quite dark. I loved it. I just wish that it had been a more heavily featured part of the book.
  Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend it if you like retellings, if you like books with a more sinister feel to them and if you like Robin hood - at all.

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