Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Inspiration is a Monkey

 Have you ever wondered where inspiration comes from? Why at times it seems to not want to be anywhere near you and at others it smothers you like a clingy overweight monkey?
 It seems that inspiration can come and go as it pleases. I was sitting in a lecture (interesting subject, boring lecturer) and it was as though I had an entirely new idea for a book. It was like some one had put the book in my hand, read me the blurb, opened the first page and then snatched it away from me.
  I wanted more than anything to snatch it back and finish reading it, but inspiration, the taunting monkey that it is, held it out of reach. If I ever want to finish it I will have to do it myself.
  Sometimes its like that. Things will come at me completely formed and if I don't put it down on paper it will slip away like the memory of a dream or grow stale and I lose interest in it.
  Inspiration is a cheeky monkey that I am constantly trying to tame to keep by my side, but not have it going wild and pulling at my things. At the same time I don't want it to sulk off and leave me to entertain myself.
  Good luck with your monkeys,


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