Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Have a Little Restraint

 There is a common problem among booktubers that is growing in scale with every passing year. That is the problem of buying more books than you can read and adding them to an ever-growing TBR.
 I know how tempting it is to see a book in a shop and pick it up with the intent to read it immediately. Somehow though, there inevitably come a time when they start to build up to an intimidating pile.
  I have about fifty books that I haven't read yet sitting on my shelves taunting me. Despite this I found myself in the bookstore with a book in my hand, enviously looking at the shelves that had at least twenty more titles that I wanted to bring home with me.
  I looked at the book in my hand and it was as clear as if someone had poured ice-water over my head. I am not going to get to this book for months. Months!
  I put that book back down on the display table and with all the self restraint I had I walked out of that beautiful store.
  Don't get me wrong, I will go back, and soon. But first I think I will read some more of the ones that have been on my shelves for the longest. They are looking a little neglected.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Inspiration is a Monkey

 Have you ever wondered where inspiration comes from? Why at times it seems to not want to be anywhere near you and at others it smothers you like a clingy overweight monkey?
 It seems that inspiration can come and go as it pleases. I was sitting in a lecture (interesting subject, boring lecturer) and it was as though I had an entirely new idea for a book. It was like some one had put the book in my hand, read me the blurb, opened the first page and then snatched it away from me.
  I wanted more than anything to snatch it back and finish reading it, but inspiration, the taunting monkey that it is, held it out of reach. If I ever want to finish it I will have to do it myself.
  Sometimes its like that. Things will come at me completely formed and if I don't put it down on paper it will slip away like the memory of a dream or grow stale and I lose interest in it.
  Inspiration is a cheeky monkey that I am constantly trying to tame to keep by my side, but not have it going wild and pulling at my things. At the same time I don't want it to sulk off and leave me to entertain myself.
  Good luck with your monkeys,


Wednesday, 14 January 2015


 I sometimes find myself putting off doing the things that I really want to do for no reason whatsoever. I can't read that book I really want to read because I have to read this other one first -who says?
 I want to watch that show but..... maybe another day.
 That would look amazing drawn.. I should draw it... someday...

 What are these? They're not even reasons!
 Sometimes it has to do with my OCD. Somethings have to be finished before other things can be started.. there is no logic or sense to it, just whatever my head decides. Sometimes it's stupid little things like I can't read that until I am sitting in this place wearing that. But I'm not wearing it today.

 I think what I would most like this year is to be more spontaneous. To do the things I want to do because I want to, and not wait until I feel that I deserve them. Because, I don't think I will ever feel that way about some things. So I am going to try and just do things. Just do them.
  Or maybe I will someday....

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Good Beginnings

 This year I have set the same reading challenge for myself that I had set for last year. 100 books. I am almost at exactly the same point that I was at last year on this day.. four books in about to start a fifth. It is exciting to me to be at this point already particularly because the books that I have read so far this year have all been brilliant I cannot wait to get into more of them.
  I am hoping to get ahead of where I was at this point last year, which looks like it will happen soon because of the bout of books readathon that I am also doing. Readathons are a great way to motivate yourself to get started and keep up the pace.
 In addition to the goals I listed in my last post I would like to add that I want to get my TBR down to about 10 books. That way I still have options but I am not swamped with all the books that I have yet to read.