Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Type Writer

  When I was younger and thought about becoming a writer I always imagined me writing everything out by hand. None of that typing business for me. No sir. I was old school and proud of it. I had it in my ten year old head that if at any point I had to type I would get an old typewriter and type on that. That was the type of writer I was. As if it was more legitimate or something. I could see myself looking like Shakespeare with hundreds of pages strewn across a desk and stories in my head and words in my pen.
  Fast forward to today if you will. Today I sat my second of five exams. I sat there with a cramp in  my hand wondering why on earth anyone would willingly write anything academic by hand. I longed for my keyboard so as I could write my usual 50 words a minute.
  I don't know when this occurred. I still love the idea of having a handwritten book, beautifully done with illustrations. But that is no longer how I see myself writing. Now I see myself with my laptop on my knee speed typing. Because, this is now the type of writer that I am. A type writer.

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