Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I Gotta Write Mo' in Wrimo

  So now I am at the point in my story where I am invested in the characters and want to know what happens next.
  But that seems to be the problem. What happens next? I want to turn the page and see what happens but the thing is, I decide what happens, and that is daunting.
  My characters are dealing with things that have never happened to me. They are in situations good and bad that I have no experience with and I want to give them a realistic solution. I am terrified that someone will read what I have written and declare it fake.
  Oh, innocent Emma! That isn't what happens when this happens! So naive, so clueless! Ha!
  And I suppose I wouldn't be so intimidated if it were unusual situations like discovering superpowers or if an alien came down. Because how many people are going to relate to that? But some of these situations that my characters are in are quite everyday.
  This is where I am a fraud. I need to convince not only those who read my story, but also myself a little bit. Let's pretend. And then let's write it down.

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