Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na NOWRIMO!

 So, like life does, things go along at a nice pace and you get comfortable then BAM! Ten things are all happening at once and you're wondering how on earth you ever could have had free time and wasted it. Free time is to be treasured.
  College has me buried under essay writing.
  Work has me searching for it.
  Youtube is calling to me.
  Books are waiting to be read.
  Church takes up time too.
  And what's this? I want to write a 50 000 word novel as well? Hahahahahaha! Good one!
  Seriously though.
  You'd think I enjoy putting the pressure on myself.

  Who's excited for Nanowrimo? I am! Because though I have done it for the last two years in April and July this will be the first time that I am doing it in November. That is a daunting thought because I want to do it, but I will have so much less time than before. I think I'm up for the challenge. Maybe. Sure why not?
  I thought that this time I would branch out and maybe try and write a contemporary. So far I've only ever written fantasy- or at least it's the only genre that I've written anything of significant length. I have very little plans made for it so far so this is definitely going to get interesting very fast.

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