Monday, 7 April 2014

Leading Lady

  I've been thinking over time why I write.
  Is it that that's how I express myself?
  Is it to tell a story?
  Is it to feel connected in some way to others?

  Why does anyone write?
  Why bother to tell a story? Preach a moral? Give a warning like old fairytales? Give comfort? Give hope?

  But if this is the case, would I say the same things to people in real life? Would I care if they needed hope? If they needed comfort? I'd like to think that I would. But maybe I wouldn't.

  Maybe writing is a place where I can do the things I want to do, before reality stops me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a strong enough lead for my story.
  If I found the rabbit hole,
 If I found a wardrobe that lead to Narnia,
If Hagrid showed up and said 'Your a witch Emma.'
  Would I go? Would I drop everything and leave?
  Probably not.
  At least not now.
  Thats probably why I write that I would.

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