Monday, 31 March 2014

The Dark Redemption of Chaotic Creatures

So I thought this week I would review a series that I didn't like. Which was disappointing because I really wanted to like this series.
  The series I will be reviewing is Beautiful Creatures series, or the Castor Chronicles, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.
  I was a bit late reading this series, I jumped on the wagon after the movie was out, (though I haven't seen it yet). I'd seen the trailer and was really excited, it looked like something that I would love.
  The first book was ok, slower moving than I would have liked but it wasn't bad. It's set in the small town of Gatlin, told by the viewpoint of Ethan. Nothing much ever happens in this town, until, one day a new girl arrives, Lena. She is different to anyone that Ethan has ever met, and strange things keep happening whenever she is near. Ethan can't help but be drawn to lena, and as he grows closer to her what he discovers is shocking, she is a castor. On her sixteenth birthday she will ether be claimed for the light or for the dark, either way will have disastrous consequences.
  There were many elements of this book that I did actually like, I loved that the house reflected the mood of the occupants, and reading about each castors different abilities. I also liked that Lena was a more independent female lead than I was used to.
  We're headed for the spoiler section now...
  What I didn't like about this series comes mostly after this book. I felt that when at the end of the first book when Lena has procrastinated her claiming, it just drags. It seems that everything after that is a repeat of the first book. Must stop claiming. Must not go dark.
  In the second and following books I found that Lena was a much more annoying character. I also thought that things seemed far too easy to figure out, like everything was brought to light just as they needed it.
  The third book also seemed unnecessary, only the end seemed to matter. To be honest, apart from the ending I don't even remember too much of the third book. I was surprised to see that the start of the fourth book wasn't a miraculous recovery. Ethan jumps and was killed, and I was annoyed because I didn't see why it had to be Ethan, even though he was the Wayward, I didn't understand why that was significant enough for him to be the only one who could make the sacrifice.
  I felt that things picked back up again in the last book. It too seemed a little longer than necessary, especially at the beginning. Once communication was made with Lena, we got to see from her point of view, that was interesting, though at times it was hard to remember that it wasn't Ethan speaking.
  I liked the 'epic' type twist to it, I like when there is a quest and things that must be done to pass certain boundaries. So I liked to see the end. Though I was sad to see Amma go, I felt like that tied in better than the sacrifice that Ethan had made.
  I felt the end, was a little confusing, did Ethan go back in time? Were the others still aware of what happened?
  Overall, I thought that this series had a good idea, but didn't really deliver on it. I felt it had been too drawn out, and that a lot of things didn't make sense, as if things were just added in later on and not fully thought through. I probably won't read these again, but this is one of the rare occasions where I think the movie will be more interesting than the book.

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