Monday, 3 March 2014

Beyond the Backyards of Ridiculous

  You know what's out there don't you? They told you. What need have you to see for yourself? You already know.
  It has started to really get me thinking, how much our first impressions, lead to our final opinion of something. How too much negative hype can effect how you read something, or can prevent you from reading it at all. Or even, if there's too much positive hype and then you're disappointed because you had it in your mind that it would change your life.
  I'm going to
use an example that will annoy a lot of people. I'm sorry, but it's probably one of the best examples of what I'm talking about.
  Do you remember just before the first Twilight movie came out? Just before the entire thing got blown out of proportion. Before you even really knew what it was about. When you saw someone reading it on the bus, or on the windowsill in the school bathroom (that was me), and then you saw someone else reading it in the hall, and then you overheard two people talking about it ahead of you in the que. And then you thought to yourself, 'What's that about?'. Suddenly, there's a poster for it outside the local cinema, 'coming soon'. If your an avid reader like me, you probably thought, time is running out, now I have to read them, or I won't be able to go see the movie.
  I remember that I didn't care that it wasn't written great, I didn't care that it seemed stalker-esk. I just wanted to see what would happen next. Because it was exciting. Because I wanted to see what would happen next. Because I was brought into this world, and I didn't remember that I was reading until I had closed the book again.
  Fast forward five movies. Your here in the present again with me? So, the books didn't translate too well as movies. Now you don't need to read the book because, the plot has been picked apart online so many times that your tired of it before you even begin. You know whats gonna happen. How could Bella be so stupid? Why can't she rescue herself? Just watch the movies, it's faster. No, don't they're terrible. Seriously they're brilliant. What do you mean you've never read them? You've read them twice and you liked that drivel?
  Maybe you didn't like it as much as you thought you did after all. Maybe it was never that good and you were just buying into it at the time. In fact, now you think about it, you didn't like it at all. Nah, I just read it to say I had. Or did I even finish the series? No I don't think I ever even watched them.
  It is hard to remember sometimes, why you originally liked something. It's even harder to stand up against the general consensus. I have decided I will not be a book sheep. I will not just agree to what 'everyone' else says about books without making my own analysis first. I want my opinion to be my opinion and not anyone else's. Because, really, what do they know? I've probably read more than them anyway.

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