Monday, 17 February 2014

Journeying to Olympus

  So I thought that I would do a kind of overview on the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. I'm not going to go into individual reviews on each book or even really be discussing the plot in too much detail, because I feel that I couldn't really do it justice.
  I was so excited to start this series, just because it is one that everyone has been raving about and mythology is something that I love. I'm even studying Classics in college. I've been saying as a joke how reading the Percy Jackson books would help me in 'studying' for my mythology class, but, it has. I finished reading them, just as my class started and I was actually amazed at how many of the characters I knew, and who was related to who, and who was having an affair with who, and why did they do that, and what does that symbolise. I mean, obviously the Percy Jackson books are set in modern times, and I am studying the ancient version, but seriously, Rick Riordan, is a legend. I love when books like this have been researched properly, I felt that they were just an AMAZING interpretation of the ancient greek myths.
  Basically, the Percy Jackson series follows a young boy who is a demi-god, (half mortal half god). The world is full of monsters that mortals cannot see, but that will track down demi-gods, and so when they reach the age of about twelve they are taken to camp half-blood to learn to defend themselves and live in relative safety. During their time at camp half-blood, they can go on quests and if they are lucky, find out who their immortal parent is.
  I loved these books, I loved the quests and how gripping and satisfying the stories are. Even though they are marketed for 12-14 year olds, they are, like Harry Potter, still exciting for much older age groups. I am considerably out of the target audience age, but I loved them so much, I have been recommending them to every one in my Classics class.
  I just have one request. Do not watch the movies, at least not first. They have changed so many important things, and have, in my opinion, absolutely butchered the stories. I (unfortunately) watched the first one before I'd heard of the books, and then the second one because I didn't think I would get around to reading them for a long while. As a result I found that I didn't enjoy the first two books as much as I enjoyed the later ones.
  Essentially, this series was epic. If you have considered them in the past and just put them back on the shelf like I did, now is the time, Now. Right Now. If you like fantasy, myths, quests, magic, historical references then this series is for you. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next series. I've heard that Rick Riordan has also written a series based on the Egyptian myths, which I also love, I can hardly wait to get started on them. What are you still reading this for? Go get yourself to the library or something.

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