Monday, 20 January 2014

The Hauling of the Books

I honestly did not expect to have enough books for a haul this soon after Christmas, but there you go, I officially have a book-buying problem... but once I tell you the circumstances you'll surely agree that I simply couldn't leave them in the shop.
  Lets begin with what tipped over the flood gates. I was in New York with my sisters, and naturally enough I found myself in a bookshop. I have been looking to read the Percy Jackson series for a while, and I found a box set, not only cheaper than it would be at home but also with the nicer American covers, because to be honest I think the British covers leave a lot to be desired. I had the set, (and many others that unfortunately did not make it to the till) in my hand when I also picked up a copy of Mind Games by Kirsten White, now, while I had not been in a massive rush to actually read this one, it's one that I would have to order online back home, how could I leave it homeless with the other orphaned books, it wouldn't be right, it wouldn't be fair. The only thing that kept me from buying more was the fact that it would have put my suitcase overweight. The woes of a book-buyer abroad.
  Now moving on to the next part of the haul, which really emphasises my lack of self control. I'd been given a book voucher for €50 from my sister, I planned on saving it for some of the new releases that I'm most excited about (Cress, City of Heavenly Fire, The One, Hallow City...) but I decided to bring it with me to the bookshop, a bookshop that has been a favourite of mine for years.. Hodges Figgis(Check it out if you're ever in Dublin). You can see where this is going right? Well I only spent €11.99 and managed to get 3 books with that, I'd found three that I was excited about in the bargain section! The first was The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, for less than a fiver, would you have put it back on the shelf? I think not. The next was one I had been tempted to buy in the full price section before I'd gone downstairs, that was the Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater, I'd been torn between buying it and not buying it for so long that when I saw it for less than half price it was like 'just go for it....books'. The last one was one that I only really wanted to get recently, because while in New York we'd gone to see the Phantom of the Opera, and while before I'd loved the movie it was nothing quite like seeing it live, after a quick google I saw it was a book, written by a french author Gaston Leroux

 (I love me my french authors) it was less than €3, how could I not get it.
  And there you have it, how I proved my lack of self control in less than a month. I'm incredibly happy with my nine new books though. Smiling just thinking of them. Hee, new books.....

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