Saturday, 14 November 2015

Final Update


It is 21.45 and I am finished Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.

This has been an intense weekend for college work and I am as surprised as you are that I actually finished this book.

I would like to call this a success.

Good night!!

Update #6 Saturday Evening

  I am currently on page 550, which is 35 pages ahead of schedule.

  Only 100 pages left. The end is in sight. Why is it always at this point when I find it so much harder to motivate myself to keep going?

Update #5 Saturday Afternoon

Currently on page 440, still five pages ahead of schedule

I am hoping to try and get a little further ahead, but also trying to to wear myself out.

Update #4 Saturday Morning

  Last night I reached page 375 putting me exactly where I had been aiming for.
But it took me much longer to reach this than I thought it would. I had to read late into the night just to get there.

  This morning I read to page 400, so now I'm 5 pages ahead of where I have to be in order to stick to my schedule and finish the book by this evening.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Update #3 Friday Evening

I am up to date (p. 240) but no longer ten pages ahead.
But I am going to change up my schedule a little bit because of the way some things have turned out.

7.00-8.00     - 40 pages
8.30-9.30     - 40 pages
10.00-11.30 - 55 pages

Just some slight changes to times! Should still be at the original point by the end of the day. 

Update #2 Friday Noon

  I am currently on page 170, still ten pages ahead of schedule.

  This will be much more tricky than I thought.

Update #1 Friday Moring

  Last night I set a goal of reading a total of 70 pages which would mean that I finished the day on page 100 of Wolf Hall.
  I am happy to say that I read to page 110: ten pages ahead of schedule.

  I have read to my first page goal of 20 pages today.

  Let's see if I can keep this up because there is a lot of other things that I have to do today.